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Tom Hain AKA Mr Mac, has been supporting Apple Macintosh clients in the Byron Shire for the last 18 years.

I have built up a loyal clientele who appreciate personal service and quick solutions to the common situations that arise in the day to day life of the Mac computer, iPhone and iPad user.

Catch up on my blog below, register for monthly updates and look in the How To pages for common assistance in setting up and using your Mac computer.
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This Is for Gmail Users

This Is for Gmail Users

Many of us use Gmail as our email platform and it's a happy relationship. Some use it in Apple Mail but many access their email via a browser like Safari or Google Chrome.

This page is for the browser email mob.

It's better to use Chrome for Gmail because it's made by Google as is Gmail, so they…

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What Will Apple Do Next?

What Will Apple Do Next?


Whatever Apple does affects everyone in the modern connected world whether you use iPhones or other brands, or whether you use a Mac or a PC. It is so influential not because it has class leading hardware and software integration or the newest features – indeed other platforms often add…

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El Capitan Has Launched

El Capitan Has Launched


The new operating system for recent Mac computers is now available for free from the App Store in your Mac's Applications folder.


It's called El Capitan, OSX 10.11 and first reports are favourable. Some new features including more comprehensive Notes should keep everyone happy. Mail has been completely re-written, a necessary fix as the last…

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Encryption By Default

Encryption By Default


Apple has refused to hand text messages over to the US government because it says it can't! They have been encrypted by default. So Apple are the good guys for a change.

This is an increasingly fraught area of technology where governments all over the world want access to text…

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Does Mail Need a Re-write?

Does Mail Need a Re-write?

Ever since Yosemite Mac OS X 10 has been with us there have been persistent reports of problems with the Mail app. This is not for everyone—I’ve had no issues—but plenty of people have had plenty of strife.

Apple have heard the yells and are re-writing Mail for the new…

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