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Tom Hain AKA Mr Mac, has been supporting Apple Macintosh clients in the Byron Shire for the last 18 years.

I have built up a loyal clientele who appreciate personal service and quick solutions to the common situations that arise in the day to day life of the Mac computer, iPhone and iPad user.

Catch up on my blog below, register for monthly updates and look in the How To pages for common assistance in setting up and using your Mac computer.
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Does Mail Need a Re-write?

Does Mail Need a Re-write?

Ever since Yosemite Mac OS X 10 has been with us there have been persistent reports of problems with the Mail app. This is not for everyone—I’ve had no issues—but plenty of people have had plenty of strife.

Apple have heard the yells and are re-writing Mail for the new…

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Will You Choose Apple Music Over Spotify?

Apple Music will debut Tuesday US time. Does it have enough to get people to pay $10 per month? We shall see, but it helps that there is a 3 month free trial period so you can try it and decide.
Then it's a question of the difference between Spotify, Pandora and Apple Music. This article suggests, among other things that Siri is the key.


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Falling Out of Love With Google

Falling Out of Love With Google

We’ve all being using Google for so long that it’s become a verb, ubiquitous. We so loved the search giant with its ‘don’t do evil’ motto that we didn’t really notice the changes that had crept into our search results: advertisements. And as seems to happen with even the best…

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Scams: Email and Telephone

Scams: Email and Telephone
Be careful!

I am getting a lot of calls and emails in regard to the authenticy of both emails that look as though they have come from Gmail and phone calls from someone telling you that your computer is in need of attention.

There have been regular campaigns of emails…

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If you've just installed Yosemite OS X 10.10 then it's worth having a look at this collection of features.


Every new release has several new features and Yosemite is no different. The Mac's looks have changed since the last iteration, Mavericks 10.9 and you will either like it…

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Living With the New iPhone 6

Living With the New iPhone 6

After a wait of a few weeks I took delivery of my new iPhone 6 and another couple of weeks later Mrs Mac got her iPhone 6 Plus. Celebrations ensued.


Having lived with it for a month or so now I can report that everything is positive. No gotchas,…

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