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iPhones and iCloud

In the 7 years or so since the iPhone was launched it has changed our lives for ever. Can you now imagine going about your everyday life without a smartphone?



Having all your Contacts with you all the time; having your Calendar not written on bits of paper or a physical book; access to a GPS. This is apart from the thousands of apps for hundreds of things... it was a revolution that now seems normal.



Now that it's a mature technology here are some basic tips:


Keep your iPhone synced to your Mac and other devices like an iPad with iCloud. This is the free service from Apple that keeps your devices talking to one another. It keeps the same Contacts and Calendars on each: any edit you make on any device affetcs all the others immediately. This is very handy...


iCloud uses your Apple ID which is the all-Apple user name and password that you set up when you create an iCloud or iTunes account or register an Apple Extended Warranty.



It uses an email address and password which you mustn't forget! The Apple ID is the same in the iTunes Store or the App Store and is also used to get Software Updates. It's the only user name and password you need for everything Apple online.


To setup iCloud on a Mac:

Go to System Preferences and click iCloud. Enter your Apple ID and password or choose to Setup a Free Apple ID. This will walk you through the registration steps to set it up.



To setup iCloud on an iPhone or iPad:


Go to Settings and click iCloud. Enter your Apple ID and password or choose to Setup a Free Apple ID. This will walk you through the registration steps to set it up.


Click the buttons to make your choices, obviously choosing Contatcs and Calendars is basic, but there are other choices too. if you click to sync Mail it will prompt you to setup a free iCloud email address.

Generally leave Mail out of it as it depends on your email provider to keep them synced with IMAP email and not POP email! See Email for more info.






Reminders and Notes are the same thing aren't they! It may prompt you to use an iCloud email to sync Notes.


Photos is an area where different people have very differing choices. If you sitch it on any photos you take on your iPhone will be tarnsferre into your iPhot Library automatically! This is pretty awesome and just works as long as the Mac and the phone are connected in some way to the internet. Be it via mobile network, WiFi or whatever, the photos come down from anywhere in the world into your Mac.


Always tick the last entry Find My Mac (or Find My iPhone/iPad) because this allows you to see where your device is at any time from any computer.



If you get any grief with your Apple ID go to this site to sort it all out. 

Apple ID.


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