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Get Better iPhone Battery Life

Get Better iPhone Battery Life

The achilles heel of the ever smaller form factor of iPhones is the battery. Storage of electricity has lagged behind the rest of mobile technology – we are waiting the big breakthrough that will mean all-week battery life: dream on!

By default everything is turned on when you get a…

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Get Rid of Adware With Free Malwarebytes

Get Rid of Adware With Free Malwarebytes

Although we still don't have viruses on the Mac platform there are other nasties which can be acquired by simply clicking on the wrong website!
Fortunately there is good free anti-malware software called Malwarebytes which locates and cleans your computer.

Run it then install a free antivirus checker called Avast. This page explains how:…

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The Finder Preferences

The Finder Preferences

Finder is where you do all your file management and it's background is the Desktop where files generally accumulate until you file them away.


In the Finder menu you will find Preferences, as you do in all Application menus like iCal, the Address Book and iTunes. All these Applications (or programs)…

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Parental Controls

Parental Controls

As the internet is a sort of unlimited library containing all information to be accessed by everyone — in contrast to the previous century's paradigm of information being difficult to locate — it follows that everything can be found if you search for it. That includes less savoury information such…

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Right-Clicking Explained

Right-Clicking Explained

Macs have had a Right-Click option for ages but it's always been hidden and is to this day! If you have a recent iMac with a scrolling mouse or a Magic Mouse or Magic Mouse then Right-Click is available on these and any other 2-button USB mouse that is plugged into your Mac.


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Taking a Screen Shot

There are 3 ways to take a Screen Shot, that is taking a picture of all or part of what is visible on screen and they all use the keyboard, Key Commands.

1. Capturing the Entire Screen: hold down the keys Command+Shift and then while holding them hit 3.
A picture of the entire…

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Buying a New Mac

Buying a New Mac

When you buy a new Mac computer you are getting the best that personal computing has to offer in your base purchase price, but there are a few extras that aren't included and are pretty well essential in my opinion.

The first thing is Extended Warranty, taking the parts warranty…

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Buying a Second Hand Mac

I have a service which is a monthly Second Hand Mail Out where anyone selling pre-loved Macs and related things can list them for free. Subscribe to the monthly Newsletter to receive them both into your Inbox.


When buying a second hand Mac care should be taken as with buying…

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iPhones and iCloud

iPhones and iCloud

In the 7 years or so since the iPhone was launched it has changed our lives for ever. Can you now imagine going about your everyday life without a smartphone?



Having all your Contacts with you all the time; having your Calendarnot written on bits of paper or a physical…

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Email Using Apple Mail

Email Using Apple Mail

As with browsers there are many applications for checking your email, but I will concentrate on the main email client Apple's Mail that comes on all Macs. Mail uses the Contatcs application as it's addrerss book and that syncs with your iPhone, an important consideration.

Any other email clients like Thunderbirdor…

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It Won't Start Up!

If you press the start button on the computer and nothing happens at all then, Huston, we have a problem!
Check that all the cables are pressed in correctly make sure that you have mains power at the socket you are using by plugging something else into it to test it…

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