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Mr Mac has been supporting Apple Macintosh clients in the Byron Shire for the last 18 years, serving a loyal clientele who appreciate personal service and quick solutions to the common situations that arise in the day to day life of the Mac computer, iPhone and iPad user.


There has been a change of the guard as Tommi has said goodbye and headed to the UK. We wish him happy travels and thank him for all his great Mac work over the last 18 years.

I’m Dave Carnovale, aka the ‘New’ Mr Mac and have previously been known as ‘Tech Rescue’. The Mr Mac business will continue as usual with all the same contact details, rates and commitment to quality service. I have been working across a wide range of IT for over 25 years and have had a love of Mac products since the late 80’s when I purchased my first Apple product: the iconic Apple ll desktop.


The Mr Mac business is based on visits to the home or businesses that need assistance: apart from physical hardware problems most issues can be sorted out on the computer in situ, saving valuable down time.


Email support is free for our clients, as is free advice on purchasing a Mac, either new or second hand.


Myself and Ms Mac (Lisa) look forward to helping you with all your Apple related issues.


MOBILE: 0418 408 869


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DropBox? No Thanks!

DropBox? No Thanks!

If you use DropBox think again. They refuse to encrypt their data and have just appointed Condoleezza Rice to the board. She was part of a US government that is extremely anti personal privacy. Well dodgy person!

The alternative seems to be SpiderOak, a similar service to DropBox but in…

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Siri Will Improve Soon

Siri Will Improve Soon

No, Apple isn't always leading the pack. In voice recognition they have played catch-up for a long time to Google and Microsoft. 
Even though Siri was a step forward in using voice recognition in a friendly way, the other companies caught on and moved ahead.
This article explains why and…

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iPhone 6 Rumours

iPhone 6 Rumours

New iPhone rumours abound. It seems pretty likely that bigger screens are coming in response to customer demand.
I prefer one that fits in my pocket, but women generally carry a handbag anyway so I assume that carrying size isn't as much of a factor as screen size for the…

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iWatch Coming in October?

iWatch Coming in October?

Looks like the iWatch is coming in October. I don't see a place for it in my lexicon of Apple products, but many joggers and sports people think otherwise.


With a company as big as Apple it needs to be a big enough product to make it worth them…

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