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Tom Hain AKA Mr Mac, has been supporting Apple Macintosh clients in the Byron Shire for the last 18 years.

I have built up a loyal clientele who appreciate personal service and quick solutions to the common situations that arise in the day to day life of the Mac computer, iPhone and iPad user.

Catch up on my blog below, register for monthly updates and look in the How To pages for common assistance in setting up and using your Mac computer.
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Smart Phone Speed test

Smart Phone Speed test

Top smart phones speed test. Who wins?
Remember that out and out speed isn't the only way to evaluate these machines but it give an indication of whether the one you're about to order can cut it.
Usability is still the most important factor in my opinion and Apple still…

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Final iPhone 6 Review

Final iPhone 6 Review

This is the last review of the iPhones 6 and 6 Plus that i will post...promise!

It's a good review and within it is also an explanation of the difference between Android (used by Samsung, HTC and others) and iOS, indicating their strengths and weaknesses.

Worth a read if…

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iPhone Warranty Includes 2 Accidental Damage Replacements

iPhone Warranty Includes 2 Accidental Damage Replacements

When you buy a new iPhone the salesperson offers you the option of AppleCare Extended Warranty for the device for $129 for 2 years. Same as they always did.


But now there is a difference. Included in the deal is up to 2 incidents of…

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Ransomeware? No Thanks!

Be glad you're on a Mac, Reason #42:

I went to a client today who uses Macs for their design work and PCs for admin and accounts. Their PCs have been attacked by Ransomware!

This is when you open an innocuous looking email and the attachment takes over your PC,…

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The Apple Watch — What Is It?

The Apple Watch — What Is It?

So what is the Apple Watch all about? If you've been scratching your head and wondering, as I have, then this linked article might help.

It isn't a product, it's a platform and possibly the first steps towards the sci-fi computer-as-a-part-of-us that we all know will come one day.


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iPhone 6 Arrives

iPhone 6 Arrives

Well finally it's here, after weeks of the drip feed rumours. So what's the big deal with this one? Just another number in the line?


For the first time Apple have had to listen to what the buying public want and have changed their tactics accordingly. The consumers want…

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Superstar Designer Joins Apple

Superstar Designer Joins Apple

Apple moves it's design up a gear. Possibly this signals the company moving into 'lifestyle' products other than computers and i-devices.


Better design has always been what sets them apart from the other tech companies like Samsung and HTC. Obviously they can't sit on their laurels for too long.…

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