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Catalina is LIVE, iPhone Photo Apps and Cyberflashing

Hi Mr Mac subscribers. I trust you are all well and Mac-happy!

macOS CATALINA has arrived! This major update was a couple of days later than expected but is now available for your (eligible) computer to upgrade.


I covered a lot of detail about this release in the last newsletter, so for anyone wanting more info please check this post


I am just about to apply this update and will keep you all posted on the experience warts and all - the good, the bad & the ugly! 



iPhone Photography 




I found an excellent article showing ten excellent iPhone photography tips. Used carefully, the iPhone can be used to take extraordinary shots.

You too can take professional-looking shots just with your iPhone, especially if it's a newer model.


Have a look at these tips to see what is possible.



643740 how to use airdrop


Cyber-Flashing Danger...A 'Must Read' For Parents

Cyber-Flashing via AirDrop is an awful thing that can happen to anyone but most worryingly our children and needs to be outed as a potential issue.


This article from SMH details the circumstances of a 16 year old girl who had disturbing images 'AirDropped' to her device without her knowledge.


It's important that parents make sure their kid's devices have the correct settings when in a public space.


It can be very hard for kids to 'un-see' images once they pop up.


The key message from this article is to make sure that our children have the correct AirDrop settings on their device to avoid this type of thing.


AirDrop should be set to 'Contacts Only' rather than 'Everyone'.


The girl had never been told anything by an adult about the dangers posed by an open AirDrop connection.


Here's the official Apple guide to AirDrop



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