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Living With the New iPhone 6

After a wait of a few weeks I took delivery of my new iPhone 6 and another couple of weeks later Mrs Mac got her iPhone 6 Plus. Celebrations ensued.


Having lived with it for a month or so now I can report that everything is positive. No gotchas, no cons. I love it and couldn't go back to a 'small' screen thank you very much.


This is pretty much what the users of big screen Samsung and HTC have been saying for a year or two already.... My old-and-getting-older eyesight likes the screen, it fits in my pocket just fine and I don't intend to sit on it! The number of people who asked – quite sincerely – if it was bending shows me that bad publicity registers no matter how wacky. Remember the aerial non-issue with the iPhone 4? This is along those lines.


The camera is much better, everything is faster, but it is the screen that is the big drawcard and well worth the hype.


Mrs Mac loves her even bigger screen 6 Plus and as she has a handbag it has somewhere to go already...


6 plus

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