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Final iPhone 6 Review

This is the last review of the iPhones 6 and 6 Plus that i will post...promise!

It's a good review and within it is also an explanation of the difference between Android (used by Samsung, HTC and others) and iOS, indicating their strengths and weaknesses.

Worth a read if you are considering getting a new iPhone 6 or switching to or from an Android machine. Hint: it's not just the tech specs that are important – usability always wins. I notice that most ordinary smart-phone users aren't tech wizzes, we all just want it to work well without having to do too much fiddling. And that is Apple's strength beyond how many mega-pixels the camera has, or what processor it's running. How easy is it to use and will anything I install or download conflict with anything else?


Plenty of insight in here as to how they do it.





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