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The Apple Watch — What Is It?

So what is the Apple Watch all about? If you've been scratching your head and wondering, as I have, then this linked article might help.

It isn't a product, it's a platform and possibly the first steps towards the sci-fi computer-as-a-part-of-us that we all know will come one day.


We have seen the movies showing embedded chips and sensors in our skin, computers as a part of our skeletons, all the amazing imaginary machines that will one day inhabit our world. Whether this is a good thing or not for humanity is to be discussed and decided, but as with technology in general: it's coming.


As usual, the media is knockling Apple as it releases another class of devices which we can't see the need for or the use of.  Smart watches released so far pale into insignificance before this first iteration of wearable computing from Apple. Conventional commentators concentrate on technical specifications and miss – again – the point. It's not about how many pixels your screen has it's about what the device does with them. Always was, the key to Apple's success: useability.


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