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Superstar Designer Joins Apple

Apple moves it's design up a gear. Possibly this signals the company moving into 'lifestyle' products other than computers and i-devices.


Better design has always been what sets them apart from the other tech companies like Samsung and HTC. Obviously they can't sit on their laurels for too long. As we have seen in the smart phone industry, the other companies can copy your concepts – the iPhone and iPad – and then go on to make their own products quite quickly that are almost as good or better. So Apple needs to constantly look for new markets and new product lines. Its not that long since the Apple name changed from Apple Computer to just Apple inc, not that long since computers were their main source of revenue, unlike today where it's i-devices and the revenue from the iTunes Store that does heaps of business. Tech companies have to move quickly on their feet and strengthen the areas they are strongest in as well as simply being good at tech. 


We shall see what this move heralds...




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